This is a kids cartoon block scenario if the FCC was more lax on their educational/informational programming guidelines for over the air television stations.

The timeline Edit

1996 - An act to have 1 hour of educational programming on Saturday morning cartoon blocks fails to pass the senate.

1997 - On the same day, Disney's One Saturday Morning and CBS Kidshow debuts.

1999 - UPN Kids goes off the air. Kid UPN World starts. Pokemon starts airing on Kids WB exclusively.

2000 - CBS Kidshow goes off the air for a block showing Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. cartoons called Nick on CBS.

2002 - All within two weeks, Disney's One Saturday Morning and TNBC go off the air. They are replaced by ABC Kids and NBC's Peacock Planet.

2005 - Fox Kids gets a new logo.

2006 - In one of the biggest shutdowns in Saturday Morning Cartoons history, Kid UPN World and Nick on CBS all go off the air. They are replaced by a CW version of Kids WB and CBS Eye On Kids.

2008 - NBC's Peacock Planet gets renamed to NBC Kids Patrol. Kids WB and Fox Kids get new logos

2011 - ABC Kids goes off air and is replaced with Disney's Super Saturday Morning.

2012 - Kids WB gets a new logo.

2013 - CBS Eye on Kids goes off the air and gets replaced by CBS Kids Club

2014 - Fox Kids and Kids WB get new logos.

2017 - Pokemon is switched from Kids WB to Disney's Super Saturday Morning. CBS Kids Club gets a new logo.