In this universe, CBS and Viacom decide to not split at all.

Timeline Edit

2004 - Time Warner puts Turner up for sale. Viacom merges with them.

2005 - Viacom says not to air the halftime show, due to an error with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

January 2006 - Viacom announces that Nick on CBS would be replaced by KOL's Saturday Morning Secret Action Saturday on CBS. It is going to be a venture between AOL, 4Kids and CBS. With 2 blocks announced, (4Kids TV and KOL) aswell as another planned to replace Kids WB on The WB, it looked like 4Kids would equally have 3 blocks on competitors channels. However, Viacom had different plans for 4Kids AND The WB....

January 24, 2006 - Viacom announces that they will do a merger with their channel UPN and TimeWarner's channel The WB. It will be called The CW and it will be 50% owned by TimeWarner and Viacom each.